Saturday, October 18, 2008

Failure to Have Sexual Harassment Policy May Hold Employer Liable Says NJ Appellate Court

See NJ Appellate Court Holds Failure to Have Sexual Harassment Policy is Negligence

Hat tip: Mitchell Rubinstein, Adjunct Professor Law Blog


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Business Management Advisors said...

Workplace bullying and harassment is considered a very serious issue in the United States and is strictly forbidden. Employers can be held liable for any bullying or harassment that occurs in the workplace. However, if they take reasonable care to prevent and correct harassment, they will not be liable. It's important to have a written company harassment policy and training program in place. These are two of the most important steps in preventing and dealing with workplace harassment.

Owais Mukhtar said...

This article emphasize on why we not consider men during discussing sexual harassment, a man can be a victim by a female cowerker, and we have to define boundaries for this issue.